YTB (Why the Beef) was a collaborative experimental biannual publication cofounded by Alice and Daphne Taranto. Students from RISD and MICA produced the zine together, publishing student work around a theme each semester. Each Issue consisted of original student works in unconventional packaging. Past issues took the form of a tote bag, coloring book, a collection of mini objects, an XXXL t-shirt, and more. I worked on Issues 7–8, and directed Issues 9–10.

YTB Issue 8: SWAP
Photo courtesy Alice & Daphne Taranto

YTB Issue 10: Ten x Ten call for submissions flyer.

YTB Issue 10: Ten x Ten digital call for submissions.

YTB Issue 8: SWAP catalogue poster by Lukas Eigler-Harding.

YTB Issue 8: SWAP issue launch party.

YTB Issue 9: Thank You For Coming issue launch party. Issue 9 consisted of one XXXL t-shirt wrapped in screen printed bandana.

YTB Issue 9: Thank You For Coming launch party guests wearing their copy of the issue, one-of-a-kind artist modified XXXL t-shirts.